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Harriet Brown has helped us on a variety of remodel projects over the past several years. Her scope of work has included everything from amazing one-off furniture design and creation to managing a kitchen remodel from concept to completion. In each case, Harriet has brought a wealth of design knowledge, an arsenal of contacts and connections, and an extreme desire to add value to each step of the project. Harriet worked extremely hard for us to produce beautiful results at the lowest price possible.

Harriet is a highly skilled, detail oriented, patient, and conscientious professional. She has been an invaluable asset to us and we want more! -  Dan Scholnick and Adam Go

I have enjoyed working with Harriet, not once, not twice, but over and over again these last few years. She's the only designer I've returned to numerous times because of her care, her attention to detail, her wonderful personality and above all, her absolutely defined, exquisite and impeccable taste. - Gail Parent


Although it has been some time, Harriet's design and concept have held up well.   
It was fun working with her, and her sources were varied and accessible. - Jo Anne Astrow and Mark Lonow


We cannot recommend Harriet too highly.  She solved a number of construction problems that remained after a previous remodeling of our home.  The house harbored some unique contractor’s and architect’s errors and miscalculations.  Harriet not only saw us through the solution of a variety of nettlesome problems using her network of expert tradespeople, but helped us as a guide and counselor to form and then implement a vision of how we wanted to live in the place.  My wife and I have different tastes.  Harriet managed to help us thread our way through many possible disagreements and arrive at a plan which she effectively and quickly completed.  Harriet was, in short, a miracle for us. – J. Kimball Dietrich


o those in search of creative, artistic, money-saving, reliable, knowledgeable, practical, tasteful, co-ordinated, user-friendly, praiseworthy, multiple choice, thoughtful, up-to-the-minute, bargain-seeking, deeply caring, looking out for your interest above all else, advice and consultation on any and all phases of decoration for the home or office…  Look no further than this remarkable woman because you’ll just be wasting your money, your time, your energy and eventually , your sanity.  She is the best!!!!  -   Rhea & Alan "Buz" Kohan  Most Satisfied Customers

custom designed game table

custom designed table made with reclaimed wood

custom designed wine storage unit